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All For Alivia

                   Passion #3

"An Author hopes a reader will open the cover of their mind. Flip through the pages of their fears, know their secrets and judge their truths."  Melanie Bennett

BookBub Author

  Just For Megan

Love so powerful, it crossed thresholds from the "other side". A passionate story of personal struggle, tragedy, and triumph. A touching, Romantic tale of family, Faith, and forgiveness.


Megan O'Dwyer is a beer and burger girl, practical and grounded. Forced to abandon the innocence of childhood far too soon, she stumbles along the path she chose. Her dreams and goals are on pause until further notice, while she works two jobs.
For Megan, Love has left a deep cut on her soul. It doesn't gape, but it hasn't healed. Love came again, with an ultimatum, a price she refused to pay.
  Megan expected her life to be lonely, it went with the territory. Regardless, she loved her decision and shame would never be allowed to taint it.
  Except, Ric Pallindino stormed into her life, disrupting her world and flooded her with hope. Everything she had wished for, promised in his warm brown eyes, in his touch.
Ric Pallindino takes a hard turn and veers away from his brother's shadow. From the maneaters that prey on his attention. Convinced the younger Pallindino brother must be as notorious and reckless as the older.
  Ric's existence has been held hostage by remorse and guilt. His past taunts him. A determined reminder, he is undeserving of peace, and that Karma always collects.
Despite of the darkness, Ric is struck by Megan's light. Her exquisite beauty and a glimpse of what could be, demands he escape his private hell and pursue what his heart desires. Her.
  Can Fate be defied when Love has a plan? Can their reality withstand a devastating truth?
18+ Mature Content.
Standalone Novel.


Wonderful Reviews:​​

  • "This was a great book to read. Wow....just wow, thank you for writing it." - Reader's comment.


  • "JUST FOR MEGAN by Melanie Bennett is "that" love story. It's one to pick up and get lost in." -Dianne- Tome Tender Book Blog- Goodreads Review


  • "It's thought-provoking in its twists and turns."- Janie- Goodreads Review 


  • "An absolutely beautiful love story!! Author Melanie Bennett has a way of weaving her way into your heart with this breathtaking story of passion and fate."  -    -   StefanieG. - Goodreads Review 


  • "You get to see their story unfold and it honestly makes you wonder if this is how life really works. It makes you think!" J.L. Leslie -Goodreads Review


  • "I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with accepting a tragedy." - Kristina- Goodreads Review


  • "It was fate.... This story has all the feels and an HEA- what more can you ask for?" - Stella- Goodreads Review


  • "I loved this book from beginning to end." Julie's Book Land Reviews 

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