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   Melanie Bennett is a Canadian Author, addicted to heartfelt Romance. She is fascinated with the elusive, obscure magical moments when new love first ignites.  

   Her extreme love of books, literature, and reading opened an exciting path to writing. Melanie's romantic tales weave her plots to revolve around family drama, a hint of faith and undeniable love with a storyteller style threaded with aspects of life that touch us all.

   While Melanie enjoys writing, which is the perfect outlet for her over-active imagination, reading, landscaping, and music, the family is her everything. 
   She has fan love for BBC's North and South, Game of Thrones and Outlander.
   Melanie is currently finishing the Passion series.
   Melanie believes Love always has a plan and that it may find you with a purpose in mind. She believes that when Soul Mates finally find one another, that there is no Heaven, nor no Hell that can keep them apart.

 Melanie strives to have her Romance books reflect a balance of everything that makes for a great love story.


  "Allow blood and tears to drip from the pen, splashing pieces of your soul across the pages, until you're all but drained of self."  Melanie Bennett

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